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The Corona situation around the world is devastating. In the meantime, many corona sufferers have been infected with the fungus Black Fungus. Black fungus nests in weak bodies. So far, many have died of mucorrhoea or black fungus. This time after white fungus, white fungus has been found in Bihar, India. And the doctors say that this white fungus is several times more terrible than the black fungus.

White fungus: 
White fungus was found on the bodies of four people in Bihar. All four of them have recovered from Corona. There is also a doctor among them. However, no other states have reported cases of white fungus. Doctors say that white fungus is several times more dangerous. White fungus, like black fungus, infects the lungs, kidneys, stomach, genitals, and even nails.

According to doctors, white fungus can attack any important part of the body. Just as additional scans are needed in the corona, HRCT scans are essential for white fungus. People with low immunity, such as black fungus, are more likely to be infected. In addition, those with diabetes and those in need of oxygen support in Corona are also at higher risk. White fungus can be frightening for pregnant women and children. Therefore, to stay healthy, one should first follow the hygiene rules.

Source: The Times of India

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