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The counting of votes for the West Bengal Assembly elections in India is underway. Meanwhile, the counting of votes in the seventh round is over. Fruits have started coming from different counting centers. As a result, the Trinamool Congress is still ahead by a huge margin. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is happy with the initial trend of the election results.

In this election, a fierce battle is going on in the high-profile seat Nandigram. However, Shuvendu Adhikari, who has left the grassroots and is now the BJP's candidate, is still ahead. At the end of the sixth round of counting, Mamata Banerjee fell behind by 6,262 votes.

However, even though Shuvendu is ahead, there is no relief in the BJP camp. Rather, the grassroots leaders and workers are sure of the victory of Chief Minister Mamata. According to local grassroots leaders, there are two blocks in Nandigram. Mamata's vote is more at number 1. And at number 2, Shuvendu has more followers. The votes of Block No. 2 have been counted since this morning. As a result, Shuvendu is a little ahead.

Trinamool leaders claim that counting of votes will be held in Block No. 1 from noon onwards. Trinamool has more votes in Block No.1. As the day progresses, Mamata 'Didi' will leave behind her former Shuvendu 'Dada'.

Voting was held in Nandigram constituency on April 1 in the second round of elections. After the vote, both candidates will win by a huge margin. Mamata says she will win this seat with 90 percent of the vote. And Shuvendu claims that he will defeat Mamata by a margin of at least 60,000 votes.

Earlier, the first phase of the West Bengal Assembly elections was held on March 26. Then 6 more votes were cast. The last round of voting was held on April 29.

The counting of votes for 292 seats in the state began at 8 am on Sunday (May 2). Postal votes were counted in the first hour. Then the counting of EVM votes started. Votes are being counted in 14 tables in each round. The final results will be announced after a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 30 rounds of counting due to more or less voters in the constituency.

According to the election bulletin of Anandabazar newspaper at 1:15 pm, Mamata's Trinamool is leading in 206 seats in the state. BJP is leading in 70 seats. Besides, the united front of the Left-Congress and the Indian Secular Front is ahead in 4 seats.
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