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He is one of the greatest serial killers in world history. All his anger was on the children. He has brutally murdered one child after another by raping and torturing him.

You would be even more surprised to know that this serial killer used to kill children just to make mothers cry. She wanted 100 mothers to be empty-handed and to cry for their children forever! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

The name of this cruel killer is Javed Iqbal. He is a citizen of Pakistan. He was a murderer with a very cold head. No one ever thought to see him, he could rape and kill children in a polite manner!

The desire to kill children

This serial killer killed 100 children to fulfill his desire. He also pleaded guilty in court. "I could have killed 500 children if I wanted to, but I didn't," he said. It wasn’t hard for me. Because I wanted to limit it to 100 children. My wish has been fulfilled. '

The most surprising thing is that Iqbal only raped and killed boys. He did not harm any girl. He used to call the children to him by showing various temptations.

For this he started a video games shop in Shadbagh area. It was the first games store there. Children were given tokens to play games at very low prices. All the boys stumbled into Javed's shop hoping to play games. Javed used to rape children on that occasion.

Later, however, Javed had to close the games shop. Because the locals did not allow their children to go to the game shops anymore, it was costing the parents a lot of money. Javed then opened an aquarium shop and gymnasium. Although Javed was financially well off.

Javed's life

There is not much information about him in history. It is believed that Javed Iqbal was born in 1956. He was the fourth of the parents' six children. His father Mohammad Ali was a well-known wealthy businessman and rich man of the Mughal period.

He was admitted to Islamia College in 1966 and started his business while still in college. His father bought a pair of villas, where Javed Iqbal ran his steel-restarting business. He was charged with various sexual offenses from the beginning of his business life. However, he brought himself out through the loopholes of the law.

He used to trap children

Javed was so cunning that he continued to sexually abuse the Pakistani administration. Once caught, he was imprisoned. After that he proved himself innocent and did not hesitate to come out. As soon as he was released from prison, he developed an intense desire to kill children.

When he was a prisoner; Then he died. Javed loved his mother very much. Javed's grief over his mother's death ignited a fire of anger. He then vowed to kill 100 children and make their mothers cry.

Javed Iqbal's target was children aged 6-18. Whenever he found a child alone, Javed would tempt him and take him to a villa, then after raping him, he would suffocate him to death. He even killed the poor boys roaming the streets of Lahore one by one.

Javed pleads guilty

In December 1999, Javed Iqbal wrote a detailed letter acknowledging his actions. He then sent the letter to the police and the local newspaper. He did not try to hide his identity. Police arrested Javed Iqbal on December 30.

Javed Iqbal then confessed to the murder in a packed court. He even lists the children he has killed. Iqbal told the court all the evidence and confession.

After the killing, Javed used to dissolve the bodies using hydrochloric acid. American serial killer Jeffrey Dahar also used this acid to destroy corpses. According to the information provided by Javed, the police recovered only the skeletons of two bodies.


Sajid Ahmed, 18, was Javed Iqbal's main associate. Javed also had two other youths as collaborators. Police later arrested all of them on charges of killing 100 children. The judge ruled in accordance with Sharia law, the way he killed the victims; He will be executed in the same way.

The chain with which Javed killed 100 children by suffocation; That is how his death sentence will be carried out. His body will then be cut into 100 pieces and immersed in hydrochloric acid in front of the guardians of the dead boys.

Following the judge's verdict, Javed Iqbal and his main accomplice Sajid Ahmed committed suicide in jail on October 8, 2006. This is the end of the story of the terrible serial killer Javed!

Source: Listverse / Britannica

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