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Local women have come forward with huge sums of money to sell bread to rebuild a ruined mosque in Turkey's Bursa province. The reconstruction of the mosque cost an estimated one lakh 61 thousand dollars.

An old mosque in the village of Basko in the Orhanli region of Turkey's western Bursa province was damaged. So the villagers took the initiative to renovate the mosque. Then the women of the village also came forward to give huge financial support for the construction work.

The women used to sell bread for two years at a time to ensure financial support. They used to come to the shop once or twice a week to sell bread. They spend the money saved all the time as a grant for the construction of the mosque.

Hasan Akar, head of the village, said they had started renovating the village mosque two years ago. Even most of the mosques are now finished. So far we have spent 1.5 million Turkish lira.
He added, ‘At this time, some women in the village make bread and donate the proceeds to the mosque. They came forward with the help of renovation of the mosque through hard work. The locals send flour to the women to make bread. Then they donated the money received as remuneration to the mosque. '

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