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In India, which has been hit by the coronavirus epidemic, many corona patients are dying every day due to lack of oxygen. There is no place to set foot in hospitals. Cheetah fires are burning in the crematoriums 24 hours a day. The raw material for vaccination was not available because of US sanctions. Many have been criticized for keeping the United States, the world's most powerful country, silent in the face of such an old ally's plight.But in the end, the Biden administration lost its mind. After lifting the ban on raw material exports, they have started sending all possible emergency aid to India, including oxygen production equipment and medicines.
After remaining silent for at least three days on the Indian crisis, the White House announced on Sunday that it would provide raw materials to Indian vaccine manufacturers as a matter of urgency. It will also send various medical equipment and safety equipment to the country.

Shortly afterwards, US President Joe Biden tweeted an "old friend" recalling India's past benefits. "We are determined to help our hospitals in times of need, just as India did when our hospitals were under pressure in the early days of the epidemic," he said.

Not only that, a day later, the US President also called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a statement, the Indian Prime Minister's Office said the two leaders spoke by telephone about India's efforts to deal with the second wave of corona. Vaccination, emergency medicine and medical supplies were discussed among them.
Speaking on the phone, the White House said President Biden had promised strong support for victims of the recent rise in corona infection in India ... The United States is sending a bunch of emergency aid to India, including oxygen-related equipment, ticker raw materials, medical supplies.Biden's comment on this is that India was by our side, we will be by their side.

After the Biden-Modi phone conversation, senior US officials also said that the process of sending aid to India was progressing fast. The Americans will also send a team like CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to India.

The US administration has already sent more than 300 oxygen concentrators to alleviate India's crisis. This device is capable of separating oxygen from the air. The concentrators left New York for India on Sunday. They are scheduled to arrive in Delhi on Monday afternoon on an Air India cargo plane. 

Source: Times of India
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