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Belgium has imposed travel bans on travelers from India, Brazil and South Africa. The ban was imposed on Tuesday. These three countries have been subjected to sanctions by several countries before. News from NDTV.
Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crow said in a statement that no air, boat, bus or transit traffic could travel to Belgium from India, Brazil or South Africa.
Recently, new strains of corona have been identified in India, Brazil and South Africa. It is much more contagious than before. As a result, the infection is spreading rapidly.

However, Belgian nationals living in these three countries will be able to return to the country. However, someone from Belgium has been advised not to travel to these three countries at this time.

However, there are exceptions in some cases, such as transport workers and diplomats will be excluded. In addition, in all other cases, the ban will be strictly enforced.

Belgian Immigration Minister Sami Mahdi welcomed the move. However, he hoped that the ban would be temporary.

He said that in order to return to normal life, that is, if everyone wants to move anywhere as before, everyone has to be vaccinated. He has repeatedly emphasized the need for vaccines.

Iran has recently banned all flights with India and Pakistan. The decision was taken by the Iranian Ministry of Health after new variants of the coronavirus were identified in India and Pakistan.All scheduled flights to India and Pakistan and to Iran from those two countries will remain closed from 12 midnight on Saturday until further notice.

Canada has previously imposed such sanctions. The Canadian government has banned all flights from India and Pakistan since Saturday to prevent any new strains of coronavirus from entering the country.The ban is expected to last for at least 30 days.
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