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The whole of India is in the grip of a terrible coronavirus. On the one hand, cremation grounds are not being accommodated in Delhi, on the other hand, Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket is being played in a grand ceremony. Starting from last April 9, 20 matches of IPL have already ended.

The organizers have already said that no matter what the situation in Corona, there will be no problem in organizing the IPL. The reason behind this is the bio-secure bubble. They only think about the safety of the players.

The question remains, when the country is fighting one of the toughest battles against the Corona, is it more important to organize the IPL at a cost of billions of rupees? Former Pakistan speed star Shoaib Akhtar has raised this question in a bigger way.

According to him, oxygen tanks are more important than the IPL in the current situation in India. So with the IPL closed, Shoaib suggested that money be used to buy oxygen. Because human life will live on oxygen. The Rawalpindi Express thinks there is no need for sports at the moment.

In a video message posted on his YouTube channel, Shoaib said, "India is going through a terrible situation now. They should stop IPL now because the country is burning. So it is better to postpone it. I am not saying this because Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been postponed. I don't think there should be a PSLO in June. '

He added, ‘IPL is not important now. Buy an oxygen tank with the money spent on it. Which can save people from dying. We don’t need cricket entertainment now. We have to save lives in India and Pakistan. Now people are facing proof. '

At the same time, Shoaib also warned the people of his country. He is of the opinion that a new wave of epidemics could hit Pakistan at any time. So Shoaib has already urged everyone to be vigilant and fight against it.

"Pakistan is on the edge now," he said. And only 10 percent oxygen is left. People are not following any rules. So I will tell the government to impose curfew for the next 10-15 days. Now there is no need to buy and sell Eid. Everyone has to be aware and take care of themselves. '

It is to be noted that due to lack of space in Indian hospitals, corona patients are being treated in mosques and temples in Mumbai and Delhi. Lack of oxygen has flooded social media with the hashtag 'India wants oxygen'. As you can see, all the heart-wrenching pictures and videos.
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