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The missing Indonesian submarine has been found, with no survivors
The Indonesian submarine was finally found three days later. The wreckage of the missing Indonesian submarine, including 53 sailors, has been found. On Saturday, the chief of staff of the Indonesian navy, Admiral Yudho Margono, confirmed the discovery. News from Al Jazeera, New York Times.

The KRI Nanggala-402 submarine went missing on Wednesday after taking part in a torpedo exercise and diving into the deep sea. The submarine had 72 hours of oxygen. More than three days later, the submarine could not be found.

The wreckage of the submarine was finally found on Saturday. Rescuers said they found various items inside the submarine, such as sponges, grease bottles and prayer materials. However, the passengers have not been found yet, said Admiral Yudo.

The German-built KRI Nanggala-402 submarine has the capacity to withstand a pressure of 500 meters under water. However, the wreckage of the submarine was found 650 meters below the water. Which is far below its ability to withstand stress.

Rescuers from Indonesia, the United States and Australia have been searching for the submarine for days. They had less time on their hands. Because the submarine had three days' supply of oxygen. However, the deadline expired on Saturday morning. A few hours later, the wreckage of the submarine was found.
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