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Corona is the place of death in Delhi, there is no place in the crematorium

The whole of India was devastated by the Corona riots. Recently, a picture of the capital Delhi taken from a drone is like being in awe. Rows and rows of leopards are burning. The same picture of cemeteries. Hard struggling to find a place to bury the body. The image of the burning mass was published by the news agency Reuters.

India set a new record in the daily transition on Friday. In one day, 3 lac 32 thousand 630 people have been newly infected with corona in the country. Of these, 26,179 were newly infected in Delhi. As many as 307 corona patients died in a single day in Delhi, according to data received on Thursday (April 22nd) night.
Anandabazar said that earlier in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, rows of ambulances were seen standing outside the crematorium. However, the situation in Delhi is such that many people are not getting a place in the line outside the crematorium. Being forced to leave the body of a loved one at home.

A man named Nitish Kumar said that his mother died two days ago after contracting Kavid. But he did not find a place to burn his mother's body in any crematorium. Nitish was forced to leave his mother's body at home for two days. "I didn't go anywhere," he said. But for some reason I had to return empty handed. It has also been heard that wood is not available for burning cheetahs. In the end, a temporary crematorium was set up in a parking lot to accommodate the mother. He cremated his mother there on Thursday.

Jitendra Singh Shanti, head of the voluntary organization 'Shaheed Bhagat Singh Seva Dal', said no one thought such a scene would be seen in Delhi. Children are children, some are 5 years old, some are 15, some are 25. They have to be burnt. The bodies of many newlyweds are also coming to the crematorium. Not visible to the naked eye.

He said 60 bodies were cremated in the temporary crematorium set up in the parking lot of Seemapuri on Thursday afternoon. 15 more bodies could not be found. But last year the situation was not so dire. He said that when the infection reached its peak, he set fire to a maximum of 16 bodies in one day.

Jitendra said six bodies were cremated in a crematorium last Tuesday. Jitendra's mother is a government health worker herself. He was infected with Kavid 10 days ago. But despite that, there was no place in any hospital, said Jitendra.

Source: Anandabazar
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